Motion Control [AC Drive]
Motion Control AC Drive

AC Drive Technology with World’s Top Market share

YASKAWA Electric, as a motor control pioneer, has led the industry by commercializing numbers of AC Drive drives incorporated with first-in-the-world innovative technologies.
These technologies have widely penetrated into the industry as de facto standard (global standard). The quality, performance and capability of them have been recognized by customers worldwide and we maintain the top share of the global market.

Since the beginning of AC Drive production, YASKAWA has always been pursuing high quality and productivity. We started up the AC Drive plant which had totally new production line in 1989 and expanded global production bases, first in the U.S. in 1992, and now in Europe and China as well while using the new plant called "Drive Center" completed in 2007 as a "mother plant". The accumulated number of general-purpose AC Drives shipped has reached 10 million for the first time in the industry since 1974, when YASKAWA launched the world's first transistor AC Drive. Our business operation corresponding to local demands gains the trust from a wide range of customers.

We will keep seeking for answers to the question "What kind of AC Drives can satisfy customers?" from various perspectives and develop new products which meet wide range of needs using the accumulated drive technologies.

General Purpose Use

High Performance
Vector Control

Compact Vector Control

Compact V/f Control

Variable Speed Drive

Inverter With Advanced
Vector Control
Varispeed G7

Environmentally Friendly
Motor Drives
Matrix Converter
Varispeed AC
Application Specific Use

For Elevator Applications

For Textile Drive T1000V/T1000A

For Machine Tools
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