Message from President


Welcome to Yaskawa Electric’s Website

We shall mark our 100th anniversary of foundation with record-setting performance and build up the foundation for advancing our business toward the next 100 years.

Since being founded in 1915,Yaskawa Electric has set ”electric motors and their applications” as its business domain and supported the leading-edge industries of the age. In order to engage in business with its own technology,the company established a creed of “becoming a technology-centered company,” proposed the concept of “mechatronics*1,” ahead of the rest of the world, and has maintained quality-first management with the determination to develop the world’s first-in-class and revolutionary technologies and products. Yaskawa’s core technologies are “motion control,” ” robotics,” and “power conversion.” These technologies and products born and created out of our search for elaborate control of mechanical movements contribute on a daily basis to improvements in the quality and efficiency of manufacturing around the world. We will continue to evolve technology and contribute to development of the world through our new solutions.

Our business hubs are located in 29 countries around the world including Japan, and the production bases are located in 10 countries. Yaskawa’s technologies, products and services being created from those hubs and bases are enjoying high reputation and great trust from customers worldwide.

With our 100th anniversary in 2015,we have set our Vision 2025 that lays out the direction of our management toward the future. Setting goals for ”Respect Llfe,” “ Empower Innovation,” and “Deliver Results,” we aim at realizing a revolution in industrial automation by fusing the world’s leading edge mechatronics technology and ICT*2 in the “Mechatronics” business domain. In the “Clean Power” business domain,we aim at global deployment of the renewable energy business and also development of the electric drives market to establish energy creation/storage/application businesses. In the ”Humatronics*3 business domain,we aim at the realization of a society where people’s capabilities can be maximized,through the application of our mechatronics technology to the medical / welfare segment and through the development of equipment that reinforces people’ s capabilities and improves quality of life.

Also, at the head office in Kurosaki, Kitakyushu, we opened the “Robot Village” as a 100th anniversary project. Here, we have set up an amusement facility where stakeholders can experience not only robots but also the fun and wonders of “manufacturing.” We would like everybody to visit this facility to come in direct contact with our business and hope that such occasions will lead to opportunities to vitalize Kitakyushu and local communities and showcase Japan’s “manufacturing capabilities” anew to the world.

We would appreciate your continuing support.


  • *1 In the late 1960s, Yaskawa Electric led the world in putting forward this concept Fusing “mechanism” and “electronics.” This concept evolved when we combined our customers’ machinery with Yaskawa’s electric products to create superior quality and function.
  • *2 Information and Communication Technology
  • *3 Term coined to denote a combination of Human and Mechatronics

Hiroshi Ogasawara,
Representative Director