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Financial Information

Corporate Profile

Q.When was the company founded?

Q.What is the business summary of the company?

Q.I want to know about the management strategies and future prospects of the company.

  • A.Since the foundation of the company we have been contributing to the development of the society by providing solutions that is suited to the changes of industrial structure, such as motor application, industrial automation, mechatronics technologies and robots. We will accelerate the development of technologies and products which has the characteristic to maintain good relation between human and environment and moreover satisfy the market needs.


Q.What is the company’s security code?

  • A.The security code is “6506”.

Q.Where is the company’s stock listed?

  • A.The company is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange.

Q.When was the company listed?

  • A.The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in May 1949. In June of the same year, our company was listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange.

Q.What is company’s trading unit (tangen)?

  • A.The trading unit is 100shares.

Q.Who is the share transfer agent?

  • A.The share transfer agent isMizuho Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.

Q.Where is the contact address for affairs concerning shares?

  • A.The transfer agent is Mizuho Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd. which is mentioned below. The intermediary offices are all branches nationwide of Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. and head office and all branches nationwide of Mizuho Investors Securities, Co., Ltd..
  •      For postal and telephone inquiries:
    Mizuho Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.
    Transfer Department
    17-7, Saga 1-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8722 Japan
    Phone: 0120-288-324 (toll free only in Japan)
  •      For detail, please refer to Mizuho Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.’s website.

Q.When are the record dates for the dividends?

  • A.March 20 for year-end dividends and September 20 for the interim dividends. For past records, please click here .

Q.When is the general shareholders’ meeting held?

  • A.An ordinary general shareholders’ meeting is held in June every year. For detailed information please refer to the notice which will be sent to the shareholders prior to the meeting. The schedule is to be released on the IR Calendar accordingly.

Financial Information

Q.What is the company’s fiscal year-end?

  • A.Our financial year starts from March 21 and ends on March 20 the following year. The end of accounting period is March 20 every year.

Q.Where can I find financial materials?

  • A.The brief announcement of the most recent financial statement, presentation materials, annual reports, fact books and others can be viewed on IR Materials.

Q.Where can I find the schedule for the announcements of financial results?